Death is and has always been a difficult topic to talk about, let alone a subject one can easily advertise. So how does a brand like Capital Legacy talk about their services and the education that needs to happen around the benefits of their services without being labelled “morbid” or “depressing? We added a little “Hollywood flair”.

This resulted in a TVC which depicts the complete opposite of what you want your family to be going through when it is your time to die. Because at the time of your death, your family will likely experience grief in all of its extremes. You wouldn’t want them to experience drama, bitterness, greed, trouble, frustration, disbelief, resentment, chaos, heartbreak, concern, dismay, rivalry, melodrama, conflict or a family feud.

Where there's no will, there’s drama.​​​​​​​

Loeries Bronze (TV & Cinema Commercials - Up to 90s)
Loeries Finalist (Best Use of Licensed Music)
Loeries Finalist (Direction)
Loeries Finalist (Editing)
Loeries Finalist (Writing)
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